Runway Music is the music production company behind writer/producer, Adrienne Aiken (aka AD). More info on Adrienne can be found below.

AD is an instinctive producer, and has always found the best way to work with artists/bands to get the best out of them, as well as the songs, the performances and the tracks as a whole.

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About AD

"Adrienne’s main objective for each project is to capture and develop the essence and vitality of the band/artist/project and to take the tracks and the artist to their full potential."

John Doe


Adrienne (aka AD) has been producing artists for over 20 years, both signed and new emerging. Her credits show only a slice of her abilities as a producer. She is also a great vocal arranger and, drawing from her experience as a backing vocalist, knows exactly how to coax great performances from singers. As a rare breed, (that of being a female in her field), AD has an amazing empathy to the needs of artists and their music, but that doesn’t stop her having an aggressive approach to producing great tracks.

Song Writer
Jane Helf

Song Writer

AD has been writing songs since the tender age of 11, in fact as soon as she could reach the piano.
Her writing strengths lay in having an excellent ear for the commercial, though her broad songwriting skills enable her to work with/on behalf of artists of all styles.
She is happy writing from scratch or adding top-lines to beats; either way, her broader producer’s view always brings that extra touch.

Joshua Insanus


Aside from her work with artists, AD has composed, arranged and produced many tracks for TV and commercials, and more rcently has put together a short showreel of music for films.
She has a natural affinity for emotive arrangement and orchestration, and has worked within many genres and styles.
From indie, rock and pop to r&b, blues and even opera, AD has composed and arranged for small sections right up to full orchestras including the English National Opera Orchestra.

Adrienne spends most of her time these days scriptwriting and producing films.

(Well they do say a change is as good as a rest...)

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